Fall 2018


The relationship between body and space has been a central theme in architecture since Vitrivius and his “10 Books of Architecture” as well as within the theory of proportions and the related aesthetic qualities.

It is through our body and sense that we navigate in the world and understand the spaces and landscapes we are moving through. Our body is our instrument if measurement, which is obvious when we pay attention to our language. Just think “foot” as a unit of length that is widely used.

The students have measured and drawn their own bodies, and then processed this drawing by pointing on special proportions and attributes that are inherent in the geometry of the body.

This measurement was used as a fundament for a translation of the body to an architectural figure: The column.

This translation happened on several levels:

From one scale to another – from 1:1 to 1:5 From one media to another – from drawing to model From one mode of expression to another – from the figurative to the abstract