Fall 2017

Architecture in Copenhagen

This week, architecture was on a mini study trip to Copenhagen. We had a long program that took place in The Inner City and Vesterport.

Here is a selection of some of the exciting things we saw; Hauser Plads, Architects; Karres en Brands Landschapsarchitecten and Polyform Arkitekter ApS, Nørreport Station, Architects; Gottlieb Palludan and Cobe Architects, Botanic Gardens, A walk through the inner city, Gråbrødre Torv, Klostergården, Christiansborg, Library Gardens, The Black Diamond, Architects; Schmidt Hammer Welding, Circular Bridge, Architect; Olavur Eliason, last but not least the Cisterns, Søndermarken, exhibition with Sambuichi.

We saw the following exhibitions, “Circular Economy in Architecture and Design”, “Drawing millions of plans” both at KADK and “Seven Shades of Wood” at Leth and Gori in Absalon Street.

We also visited the architectural office of Dissing + Weitling, and participated in the opening of Arcgency’s exhibition in Dreyer’s Architectural Gallery at DAC. Friday morning we visited KADK for an exciting tour of the waterjet hangar at “Finder Sted”.