Fall 2022


What does Moon like to watch on TV, and where does Water put their keys when they get home?

Architecture has had a visit from architect Felix Badman, who gave the students an assignment about housing, collectivity, individuality and contradictions.

In the novel ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’, the respectable doctor and researcher Dr. Jekyll invents a potion that can free his repressed nature. When he consumes it, he transforms into his own opposite, the fearsome Mr. Hyde.

Based on the story, the students had to choose a pair of opposites in groups of two and then create a home for each character. It could be night/day, sun/moon, energetic/tired, fire/water, introvert/extrovert or similar.

The chosen pairs of opposites were to be expressed in a tailor-made home in a 1:20 scale model. Finally, all the models moved into a common model and together formed a diverse housing complex