Fall 2021

Architect’s drawing | holster

We are all encapsulated with individual quirks. We are all tools to some degree. Some have a built-in flexibility, while others have a more static expression. A casing can be viewed in different ways, but basically it is characteristic that it is home to an object whose shape, fragility and properties can be implemented in the casing. In this assignment, each student has been assigned an object, which should be (re)understood through dialogue with fellow students and sketching and then via the creation of the projection drawing. In the plan, the cut and the elevation, a common narrative for something seemingly flat emerges. The physicality of the object is transferred in and through the three types of drawing and thus invites to the further development of the surrounding, protective, covering, concealing, etc. It has not been a given that the casing should mime a particular architecture. Architecture is the work with space and, among other things, the relationship between countless concepts such as in/out, light/heavy, etc. Certain obstacles meant that all casings had to be constructed in MDF and that a homogeneous expression was reflected in the concluding exhibition.