Prismatic Park
Josiah McElheny

Prismatic Park, donated by the artist Josiah McElheny, is now erected at Krabbesholm Højskole. Prismatic Park is a donation of great value. Josiah McElheny is an internationally recognised glass artists and he is represented on museums around the world with his fragile sculptures and installations of mouth-blown glass. In contrast to this the outdoor artwork Prismatic Park, which originally is commissioned for Madison Square Park in New York, consists of three great sculpture of wood, steel and prismatic glass tiles – solid constructions intended for a park where a lot of people pass by. The three sculptures is designed as a frame that creates spaces and stagelike platforms for other artforms, such as dance, poetry and music.

Prismatic Park was unveiled at the finale of The European Cultural Regional Festival 15 – 16 June. The artwork was the stage for different artist over the weekend featuring readings from Danish writers, experimental theatre, bands, The Royal Danish Ballet and performances by our students. Also during the festival Krabbesholm Højskole held its biannual show of the students work spread all over the campus and at our gallery Four Boxes.

Prismatic Park will be part of the daily life at Krabbesholm and foster an experimental development and exploration of artistic and cultural objectives. Prismatic Park will bring value to the individual student as well as the collective by strengthening inter-disciplinary collaboration between the school and local, national and international artists.