Four Boxes
Atelier Bow Wow

Krabbesholm is pleased to announce the opening of Four Boxes Gallery, a new exhibition building designed by Japanese architects Atelier Bow-Wow. On the green lawn of Krabbesholm, between the white-washed facades of the Craftsmen’s School and the redbrick Idé-Pro factory stands a new building designed by Japanese architects Atelier Bow-Wow. It is a building that is quintessentially Japanese, yet also strangely oversized and villa-like, and it extends with its clear-cut concrete edges the built vocabulary of Krabbesholm. Like an upwardly striving bento box in which each individual room has grown out of the whole, the building supplements the creative workshops, residential facilities and common rooms of Krabbesholm by adding long-awaited exhibition facilities to the complex. Here both students from the school and artists, architects and designers invited will exhibit their works. The building is named the Four Boxes Gallery because of its layout: outdoor galleries and a light big indoor gallery make up the two lower boxes of the building. The middle, third box is a smaller exhibition room, and the fourth box at the top is a private workshop area for artists in residence. The architects‘ main interest has been to express a spatial relational composition: “What we actually did at Krabbesholm was to create a spatial relationship on which we superimposed a hierarchy of light. This creates a simple yet beautifully complex architecture. We refer to this fusion of space and light as ‘gap spaces’, which are the leftover spaces in between the four boxes of the gallery that bring light into the building.” Momoyo Kaijima, the female half of Atelier Bow-Wow.

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