Design at Krabbesholm Højskole is shaping – both the concrete and the abstract. You can shape objects, and you can shape experiences and visions. Design is to visualise the reality of others, it is to engage socially, to do something for someone else, to solve a concrete problem. And design is to extend and express your individuality and to address the world aesthetically, dreamingly, and imaginably.

Design is a broad and multifaceted field, in which many different competences are employed. The purpose of this course is to introduce each student to the comprehensiveness of the field through a number of project-based assignments. Drafting projects, drawing exercises, poster productions, model work, installations, and concepts. Introduction to various working methods, presentation of design products, designers, and their different approaches to the field.

Some projects are particularly focused on learning about different workshops and materials. We have access to our own wood workshop, where you will be able to construct products in all scales; from smaller models to actual furniture in 1:1. Furthermore we have access to a laser cutter, a smaller CNC, and a 3D printer. In addition we often make use of the sewing and serigraphy facilities. You will be introduced to the workshops and machines through different assignments, and each student will be able to make use of them as he or she wishes to. Craftsmen and assistants will help you.

A design project can easily be initiated by an examination of a certain material. A furniture assignment can for instance start off with a couple of tests concerning the constructive qualities of the wood and an examination of how you are able to use the different machines and tools. This will help you create the idea you are trying to realize. Ideas do not emerge from nothing. You develop them by working with materials and techniques, with form and with colour.