Spring 2018

System Collapse:
Publisher Antipyrine

The publishing project Antipyrine has worked with the artist collective Koncern°s (1989-1993) writings through a longer period of time. In collaboration with Krabbesholm Højskole (Schadeserien) Antipyrine published the Swedish poet Ida Börjel‘s book “The Sabotage Manuals” (dansk: Sabotagemanualerne). Finally, Antipyrine is working continuously on translations of texts by the French, feministic ‘ready made artist’ Claire Fontaine.

The three different projects work with appropriated text, systems and limitations, deviations and doubt as to who speaks in the text, who or what is the origin of the text. Across time and from different angles the projects investigate the ideas of the welfare state, the competition state and the knowledge society with eloquence, irony and the will to rebellion.

The exhibition contains large amounts of text, archive materiale, posters, objects, video, books, performance and readings.

At the opening of the exhibition Institut for Emancipationsvidenskab performed the piece “Two fake professors from Institut for Emancipationsvidenskab is looking for the capital logic in a shellfish archive at Krabbesholm”

At Krabbesholm Literature Festival on May 5th there was a pre-release on the “Sabotage Manuals” and a reading by the author Ida Börjel and the translator and editor Mathias Kokholm.