Spring 2013

Julie Born Schwartz:
I had an expectation that it would fade

In the exhibition I had an expectation that it would fade Julie Born Schwartz presents new installations including video, photography and sculpture. Using objects and photographs from her personal archive as a point of departure she approaches different subjects with a personal engagement and almost anthropological attention to detail. In one of the pieces she has interviewed people around the UK who have lost one or several limbs and who all experience ‘phantom limb pain’, a phenomenon with physical absent but mental presence. Interested in the ‘Mirror Box’ treatment invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, she talked to a scientist in Cardiff using virtual mirrors and hypnoses in his treatments. In another installation Born Schwartz has examined material given to her by her grandmother who was a bookbinder and who used the colours and patterns of papers to bind stories together. The photographs derive from a hidden camera, a studio recording and a sudden encounter.

Julie Born Schwartz (b.1981) is currently undertaking postgraduate studies at The Royal Academy Schools, UK. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, 2011. Born Schwartz’ has showed at Glasgow Film Festival (UK) and Simon Bedwell’s The Hole (UK), as well as New Gallery (UK), Royal Academy of Art (UK), Art Rotterdam (NL), Kunstarkaden (DE), Tenderpixel (UK), The Victorian Vaults (UK), Gl. Holtegaard Museum (DK), Henningsen Contemporary (DK) and Lauritz Kunsthal (DK). Installation photographs: Pernille Ohms and Julie Born Schwartz