Spring 2024

silver spoon:
Sidsel Meineche Hansen

(silver spoon, spoon cast in silver, 12 × 3 cm, 2020. Foto: Lewis Ronald. Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London/Piraeus.)

Four Boxes Gallery presents silver spoon, an exhibition by the Danish artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen. Through digitally and manually produced pieces, the exhibition calls attention to highly relevant questions of ownership.

The works of Sidsel Meineche Hansen provide a critical look at the present by exposing the absurdities of capitalist reality, often through a feminist lens.

In the exhibition at Four Boxes Gallery, Meineche Hansen hones in on questions of ownership, and what conditions grant the rights to own one’s own body, art,and home. Across three floors, a series of artworks shed light on the skewed and exclusionary conditions of class and sociopolitical circumstances.

The sculpture home vs owner 2 (chimney pots), 2023, takes the form of a life-sized chimney with pots, similar to those found on the rooftop of typical British working-class terraced housing. home vs owner 2 (chimney pots) is accompanied by another functional object, namely a spoon cast in silver. The title of the work, silver spoon, 2020, refers to the inherited privilege of being born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

The exhibition also presents two digital moving image pieces: The CGI-animated VR work No Right way 2 Cum, 2015, and the video work CULTURAL CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT #2, 2016. In No Right Way 2 Cum the female avatar EVA v3.0, which Meineche Hansen has bought the rights to use, plays the lead role. Made in response to censorship law in the UK which prohibits the visual representation of female ejaculation in UK produced pornography, the avatar EVA v3.0 engages in explicit self-pleasure and squirting. CULTURAL CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT #2 is cooperatively owned and produced by Nikita Gale, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Candice Lin, Nour Mobarak, Blaine O’Neill, and P Staff. This video is accompanied by the contract CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT LICENSE AGREEMENT, which challenges the assumptions around individual ownership that dominate both the art world and the broader political economy.

About Four Boxes Gallery Four Boxes Gallery is located at the heart of Krabbesholm – Danish Folk High School for Art, Architecture, Design and Visual Communication. The exhibition program serves as an interface between theory and practice, showcasing research and teaching at the school as well as external curated exhibitions.

During Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s exhibition students from the school will be able to sign up for a brief workshop led by the artist that takes the CAPITAL COOPERATIVE OBJECT LICENSE AGREEMENT as a starting point.

The exhibition is developed in partnership with gta exhibitions, ETH Zurich, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture and supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Randers Tegl and municipality of Skive.