Spring 2021

Anna Samsøe & Andreas Stoubye:

Vagus means the wandering but is also the name of the longest nerve in the body. The vagus nerve touches virtually all of our internal organs and is essential for our breathing, heartbeat and voice function. The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures connected in an electrical circuit. Sounds generated by a tone generator are acoustically amplified in the boxes and propagate in leather strings connecting the lower and upper part of the sculptures. Light sensors placed in the sculptures pitch the frequency of the sounds and thus change the vibration of the rods.

*Andreas Stoubye Johansen (b.1978, DK). Graduated from Det Fynske Kunstakademi. Anna Samsøe (b.1987, DK). Graduated from Det Fynske Kunstakademi and Academie Der Bildende Kunste, Wien. *