Fall 2015

Tomas Downes:
To babble on sick friday

To Babble on Sick Friday is a solo show på the British artist Tomas Downes in Four Boxes. The exhibition consists of a series of fotographic collages and a spatial installation.

The starting point for the new collages in To Babble on Sick Friday is a series of psychedelic images taken from the book ‘A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil’ from 1930 by the German surrealist Max Ernst. Downes scanned Ernst’s collages and combined them in photoshop with several other layers of photographic images; Partly a series of photographs he himself has taken of marble tiles and floors, and a series of fashion photographs of female models. The digital collages have been printed as UV-cured print on linoleum, and the result is a series of densely tactile and, at first glance, partially abstract images. The shape of the works reflects their thematic content, as the motives in the various layers of the collages are both recognizable and disorienting.    Tomas Downes (f. Storbrittanien, 1986) is educated from Royal Academy of Arts in London. Since 2014 he has been living in Copenhagen and he is running the exhibition space Tenpm.