That’s Not Your Line
Krabbesholm Højskole

On October 25 Krabbesholm Højskole performed THAT’S NOT YOUR LINE for a large audience of several hundred people, who had to stand in line to experience the intimate fashion performance in the small light house in Carlsbergbyen, Copenhagen. The audience moved freely around the performers who wore beautiful and strange costumes and were stuck in conversations and scenes, that had no chronology and never ended.

THAT’S NOT YOUR LINE is a fashion performance that investigates what happens when interpretations are heaped upon one another. The baseline of the performance were paintings that had been torn from their frames, restitched together, turned into paintings again, then turned into fabric, the fabric became a script, the script was turned into shapes, the shapes were made into clothes made out of the fabric, the clothes were acted from the script, the act was placed in an environment inspired by the fabric.

THAT’S NOT YOUR LINE is a performance with actors in strange costumes stuck in mysterious rooms and cyclical conversations. A beautiful and disturbing experience about how objects and materials affect people and their relationships.

Concept: Kurt Finsten, Gisa Pantel, Oskar Holst Kurtzweil, Anders Andersen.

Paintings : Kurt Finsten.

Script: Gisa Pantel.

Fashion Design: Andreas Lynggård, Hanne Haug Johne, Helena Baldvinsson, Jens Øbro, Maria Fjernes Glintborg, Linn Rogde Ytreeide, Mikael Thorsen Nørgaard, Olivia Sahl, Rune Meesenburg, Stine Kronsted Pedersen, Sylvia Wangari, Tanja Jakobsen.

Set Design and Sound: Clara McNair, Dagny Værnes, Emma Louise Rasmussen, Ina Fjordvald Christensen, Klara Bredahl Bille, Laura Agnete Holst Veicherts, Luna Wirtz-Ortvald, Marius Malmberg, Synne Einevoll Heggernæs, Sebastian Westh Jervin, Gabriela Sofia Valenzuela-Luczynska, Nanna Benedikte Leth.

Photography and Graphic Design: Nanna Due, Amalie Rask, Charlotte Binning, Ida Lina Amati-Aagesen, Louise Struckmann, Cecilie Stjernholm Nielsen, Erik Hjørnevik.

Performers : Louise Struckmann, Hannibal Due, Cilie Olsen, Cecile Stjernholm Nielsen, Olle Sahlqvist, Rune Meesenburg