Krabbesholm Website
Tomáš Celizna & Radim Peško

The Krabbehsolm website expands upon our experience of the højskole and attempts to translate some of its characteristics on the web.

The site greets its visitors with messages about what is happening ‘right now at Krabbesholm’. These minutes – appearing at given times of day – make the school’s daily routines visible and shared publicly.

The alignment of the site’s content alternates between left and right, registering the rhythm of seasons and semesters at the højskole.

Work of students, school trips, exhibitions, residencies, events, lectures and publications are documented and archived collaboratively. This cumulative process is reflecting the Krabbesholm Højskole over time, continuously rendering its identity.

Tomáš Celizna & Radim Peško
September 2017