Visual Communication

Spring 2023

The Plate23

Visual Communication has worked with the plate as a medium. The plate is a sculptural object that mimics being a utility object. Since 1895, Bing and Grøndal (later Royal Copenhagen) have published the annual Christmas plate. “Juleplatten” was originally a democratic project, launched to make the decorated porcelain accessible to the wider population. The plate is a communication tool with an agenda – it simultaneously conveys aesthetics, politics and topics that are current and relevant for the exact time and the specific place in which the plate has been produced.

Visual Communication has worked with digital motifs which have been transferred onto porcelain. The starting point for the visual expression is matters that are made the subject of discussion, investigation or other treatment as well as themes that characterise the students’ personal year 2023. Ceramics have a potential lifespan of 30,000 years, and the plates are thus an object that for posterity can give an insight into the year 2023.