Visual Communication

Fall 2022

We were in Berlin

Here are some pictures from our recent study trip to Berlin, where we were lucky enough to have Amanda-Li Kollberg and Siri Lee Lindskrog as guides. Together they run Formal Settings in Berlin. This meant that we got access to visit several different graphic designers in their studios. It also meant that we had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the font Silvana, which Siri is mainly behind. In this way, we got very close to the environment around graphic design in Berlin.

We had the opportunity to see and try Erik Spiekermann’s letterpress and the posters from there are on their way to Krabbesholm by post – they had to dry first.

Our visit coincided with the Berlin Biennale, so there were plenty of exhibitions to take in during the rest of the time.

And then there was time to talk, have fun and look at books and magazines.