Visual Communication

Fall 2019

Graphic Design in Venice

Art is an important focal point for Krabbesholm Højskole. Although graphic design is an independent subject, the fall study trip to Venice is an important upgrade of aesthetic experience. Every two years an art biennial fills the city, which is almost transformed into one large exhibition. There is so much to look at and you can be absolutely sure to be completely saturated with impressions. Venice is also a backdrop for an extreme tourism that can both be considered and criticised when a cruise ship suddenly blocks the the entire view a the horizon. It is also a city where climate change manifests itself concretely in the form of rising water. This is also reflected in several of the exhibitions that are part of the biennial. As a nice last stop on our trip, we also got an elegant insight into how graphic design is practiced in a venetian way. We visited Tomotot, who works mainly doing book projectsvwith cultural clients in Venice.