Fall 2019

Sound and litterature

The literature team has replaced the paper with microphones and worked with sound. As inspiration, we started listening to various radio dramas from AKT1, soundtracks from Louisana’s audio tours, and the radio drama The Revenge from 1978, which is quite unique because the story is told only through sounds and not a single word.

The only restriction in the assignment was that nothing should be handed in in writing, but in audio. Some students made the podcast Krabben’s literary friends, discussing and recommending literature and other transformed previously written texts into background readings.

The special thing about working with sound and literature is that you can create a concrete, atmospheric space without having to describe it in words. Therefore, one can play with aesthetics and narrative in a completely different way than when one has only writing available.

Here you can hear some of the literature team’s works.


  • Sofie Kay Hulgaard og Thea WeisKrabbe Podcast00:49:22
  • Emilie ValeriusLydværk00:01:16
  • Emma Emilie NobertJellyfish00:05:38
  • Christine Tørnild Falkenberg00:02:12