Spring 2018

Art x Studietrip to Bruxelles

The art class spent an exciting week in Brussels, filled with visits to museums, galleries, studios and the art academy in Gent. We got a good insight in what it is like to live and work in Brussels through our local guide artist Maarten Van Roy and studio visits with amongst others Tom Król, a painter working in the former American pavillon from the Expo '58; Suchan Kinoshita, who invited us into her house, a project combining art and living and Tobias Zehntner and Virginie Litzler, who have a studio on a former parking deck. We saw a big spectrum of exhibitions ranging from classic museums (Magritte Museum) and high-end institutions (Villa Empain, La Patinoire Royale) to independent, artist-run exhibition spaces like Deborah Bowmann or La Loge, located in a former freemasons’ lodge.