Spring 2022

Sound Workshop

In the sound workshop, the participants worked with recorded sound and the task was to create some relatively short ‘soundscapes’ that worked with parameters other than musical. Various microphones, sound sources and varying spaces were experimented with. As can be heard here, some exciting and radical results came out of the work.

Soundscapes and artists:

1: Here Comes the Sun x Better Call Saul, Hans. 2: Så der aftensmad, Hans. 3: Monolit, Mads. 4: Tekno i vaskekælderen, Mads. 5: Ambient, Malte. 6: Ark2, Malte. 7: RøLyd, Philip. 8: lyd fra spisesalen, Philip. 9: Metallisk klirren, Victoria. 10: Understrøm, Victoria.