Spring 2022


The art team was visited by the young visual artist Filip Vest. He held a workshop in performance. As an introduction to the students, Filip gave several super exciting presentations where he partly showed some examples of his own work as well as other artists’ work with performance. In addition, Filip also taught techniques and suggestions on how to generate ideas.

Based on these inspiring presentations, the students then chose what they wanted to work with, Some chose to work alone while others went together in groups. On Friday, the course ended with a demonstration of the results for the rest of the school. Here you can see a few short examples of the students’ work.

In the video you can see examples of the students’ performance.

Filip Vest (1995) graduated from Malmö Art Academy and has exhibited in Nikolaj Kunsthal, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Statens Museum for Kunst and several places abroad such as France, Italy and Sweden.

Read more about his art practice here: