Fall 2018

Sculptures Scluptures – Art

The art students exhibited their works on October 25 at VESS in Copenhagen.

The Exhibition “Sculptures Scluptures” showed the result of a project where each student had produced a piece from a title and a description of material that were given to them by another student.

The works were prints: Either as a works in themselves or as a sort of “mimicking” of a work documentation, thus blurring the lines between piece and piece documentation. The relation between the title of the piece and the print underlined the semi-fictious character of the exhibition.

Each semester the students arrange exhibitions, readings and performances in Copenhagen or other larger cities. It is crucial for Krabbesholm Højskole that the students get the chance to show their work outside of the school in order to let it be part of a greater context.

The top images are a selection of the exhibited pieces. The bottom images stems from the opening of the exhibition.