Fall 2022

Plaster Sculptures

Now the autumn semester has really started after an intense and fun introductory course where we got to know each other and got a taste of art and it‘s magic. The first 'real’ assignment was about sculpting in plaster and contained both purely technical elements, knowledge of materials and not least the opportunity to express oneself artistically and show who one is and in which direction one’s abilities and inclinations go.

The assignment was introduced with a slide show with different artists‘ works in plaster. There was also an introduction to the methods and tools for plaster work. The students then drew so-called 'Exquisite Corpse’ drawings – a term invented by the Surrealists and a kind of drawing game where the participants continue to draw on a drawing where you cannot see what the previous ones have drawn – and these became the starting point for the work with the plaster sculptures. This gave a series of funny, grotesque, beautiful and strange results as seen here.