Spring 2021

WabiSabi WoodWork

The relationship between tool and material is fundamental when giving form. Designer Jeremy Walton have pointed to the simplest way of woodworking by introducing students to Green Woodworking. The design students started off by cleaving a log of oak, shaving it, brushing and staining it with all natural ingredients. This proces also focuses on the ability to work with the inherent properties of the material. When you slowly work the material with your own hands, a rare kind of contact with the material arises. This may serve as a opportunity to let flaws, imperfection and the will of the material reveal itself. And to let go of your own.The japanese term Wabi Sabi describes the acknowledgement of simplicity and imperfection. Green Woodworking traditionally produced basic furniture and objects for the household. In this case students have produced slippers, small scale furniture as well as baskets and a bag. Products that present themselves with the form that the material infused them with. This is difficult in an area where control is key. Well done!