Spring 2020

Design furniture

In this distance learning assignment we have been asked to make suggestions for outdoor board furniture for Krabbesholm. Furniture that can be used in selected places, both in groups and as furniture for individuals.

Board furniture is made entirely of board – ours are all made of waterproof plywood. We have found three places on the school grounds that we think are missing some furniture and for that we have designed and built 1: 5 models of our furniture, for which we have made upholstery or some other decoration.

The assignment included research, sketching, model building in foam board, adjustment, and finally model building in 3mm. MDF boards and upholstery/decoration. We showed our works in an online exhibition by presenting pictures of the process, what the different parts of the furniture are made up of, model pictures and pictures of the furniture in its intended environment.

You can read more about the individual projects on the students exhibition page