Fall 2023

Under Construction

In a time marked by change, both the construction and fashion industries stand at a crossroads. Perhaps it is in the tension between the functional and the extravagant that something truly exceptional can emerge? In this project, design students at Krabbesholm have been working on transforming functional workwear into showpieces. They have received donated workwear from Natteravnene and Mascot and have worked on designing the clothing beyond their functional narrative, creating new stories and associations through synonyms for extravagance.

In groups of four, they were allocated 12 pieces of workwear and, following the zero-waste principle, distributed the clothing among themselves, each creating a showpiece.

As part of the project, they were responsible for staging the show, which culminated in the transformation of the communal workshop into a grand fashion show for the entire school.

You can find more information about Mascot at For Natteravnene, you can visit

Foto: Caroline Risør Stockholm