Forår 2014

Curated by Kristine Nørgaard Andersen:
Tredive Træplader

Participating Students:

  • August Vik Daren
  • Emma Louise Heegaard
  • Nicoline Sophie Sørensen
  • Alberte Kjær
  • Inga H. Mannsåker
  • Lasse Bruun Korsholm
  • Charlotte Bisgaard
  • Ida Natalie Lampe
  • Julie Isaksen
  • Amalie Leth Hornemann
  • Mads Kampmann Petersen
  • Molly Bring Uddén
  • Lauge Kiel Steensen
  • Anne Kristensen
  • Camillo Dahl
  • Jeppe Vidstrup

Curated and Designed: Kristine Nørgaard Andersen (b. 1986, currently undertaking her last year of undergraduate studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, NL)

25.01.2009: Four Boxes Gallery by the Japanese architects Atelier Bow Wow is completed. It is built out of thirty prefabricated concrete components which define the building.

11.02.2014: The prefabricated concrete components are transformed into thirty prefabricated wooden planks: 120cm×240cm – Half the size of a concrete component.

26.02.2014: Each course gets 6 wooden planks and 3 students are invited to transform the planks in various ways: Paint, cut, paste, project, merge, mirror, knit, remove, support etc.

28.04.–30.04.2014: The order of the thirty planks inside the Gallery will evolve from dialogues between the students and the curator. We will rebuild the space through the mutual exchange between the courses.

03.05.2014 3:00 PM: We are happy to invite you to the opening of the work-in-process of TREDIVE TRÆPLADER Four Boxes Gallery, Krabbesholm Højskole, Krabbesholm Allé 15, Denmark.