Forår 2018

Alexis Mark

The exhibition (M)OTHER TONGUES at Four Boxes is centered around an investigation of language as the foundation for a design methodology. The linguistic systems we use to designate aspects of our reality are key in its definition. From the forms of the characters in our alphabets, to the way we project the spheric globe onto a flat surface, or the anatomical representation of the human body, these visual languages are decisive in every aspect of society and culture and as their designers we are responsible for their effects. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue which is the result of a one week workshop by Alexis Mark with the students of Krabbesholm’s graphic design department, leading up to the opening. In the workshop and catalogue the students were invited to freely reflect on the content and themes of the exhibition and to use it as a starting point for developing visual languages of their own.

The work of Alexis Mark is characterised by the creation of new linguistic systems as a means to achieve flexible and non-binary solutions in contemporary design and communication.