Forår 2022

Mads Lindberg and John Costi:
Tiger Milk

“Tiger Milk” is a collaborative exhibition by John Costi and Mads Lindberg who were match made by artist and curator Mette Hammer Juhl. The show presents marriages of both artists work, presented in an improvised and playful manner. Both artists allow chance and interaction to inform their work. Each employing found objects as a springboard into the curious and unknown. Humour, tragedy, love and romance can be seen in how the works interact with one another. Costi’s use of arrangement and symbolism sit comfortably with Lindberg’s obscure, yet familiar forms. Weird and wonderful, ‘Tiger Milk’ is composed of sculpture, painting and printmaking. Full of colour and personality, the works whisper private jokes among themselves, ‘Do you know what Tiger Milk really is?’

Mads Lindberg Bio The starting point of Mads Lindberg’s (b. 1984) practice is found imagery, that he appropriates and re-elaborates with the aim of questioning its material, formal, symbolic and economic meanings. The action of translating discarded paintings, spotted in thrift stores and flea markets, into his own artworks is for Lindberg a way to approach the canvas from a detached and analytical point of view. This allows Lindberg to carry on a systematic study of painting as medium, while avoiding the implications connected to the mystic aura surrounding “the artist at work” In Lindberg’s vision, every image has the right to exist beyond its aesthetic quality, and for this reason it should belong to a circular economy that trespass the parameters imposed by the hierarchic and elitist art market.

John Costi Born in 1987, of Cypriot and Irish heritage, Costi has nurtured an atypical art practice. After a spiritual awakening during a 6-year prison sentence, Costi sought to make sense of the world around him through art. Often improvised and informed by chance, the work lives in the social sphere, beyond the hand of any artist. Dealing in moments and metaphors in hope of burning hierarchies of art experience, Costi wishes to turn passive head scratcher into active participant.