Efterår 2019

Studio del Fragile:
Davide Ronco

The main floor houses the first installation of ceramic artworks: a composition of a series of rain- cracked stoneware artifacts. The unfired objects are left under the rain until they crack, showing the extreme fragility of the material. In time they have slow-dried to keep the weather’s traces and finally; the artifacts have been slow-fired to preserve those natural signs, as Index (“Theory of Signs”).

The second floor works as the mediator between the bottom floor and the top floor. This is where notes of reality and decay reveals itself to the observant audience. No form seems to be everlasting.

The second installation at the top floor interacts with the audience. The floor, composed with fully intact, yet fragile concrete tiles, will cause confusion and encourage (dis)belief as the audience enters. Here, You are deciding the fate of the artifacts.

The exhibition seeks to highlight the certain coherence between humanity and nature, and the imprints that they cause each other. The interaction between audience and the exhibited (the artefact) is a direct indicator of this.

Davide Ronco (1993, Udine, Italy) holds a bachelor im Industrial Design from the IUAV University in Venice. He developed a more emotional and sculptural approach obtaining a Master in Ceramic Design from the Royal Danish Academy og Fine Arts. By challenging By challenging the praxis from the conventional tools and methodology, he creates sculptural objects and archetypal forms focusing on the study of perception and the dichotomy between Natural and Artificial.

Text by Allan Bech Graphics by Nicolò Pellarin