Literature is a matter of experiencing language. Its not just reading and writing texts and books – its about witnessing and creating a personal language though a wide spectrum of media and situations.

The main teacher is Laura Ringo.

Each semester we invite a range of visiting teachers: Lone Aburas, Amalie Smith, Caspar Eric, Pablo Llambias, Lars Frost, Caroline Albertine Minor and Esben Weile Kjær. They live at the school, participate in the teaching, and they each represent different views on literature.

The backbone of the literature course is improvement and immersion. In other words; reading and writing, reading and writing, reading and writing. Literary texts, critical texts, analyses, everything. Through conversations, group discussions, and continuous critique you will develop yourself, and you will find your own way of writing. You will experience your own growth, and you will be inspired through collaboration with students from the other courses at the school: art, architecture, design, and graphic design. Your will experience the immense amount of opportunities within the field of literature.

The literature course at Krabbesholm Højskole is activistic. This means that your texts will enter the world where they will be met by an audience. This can be realized using the school’s risograph, where you are able to produce pop-up books, pamphlets, posters, or even your own micro publishing house. Or it can be realized at one of the school’s many specialized workshops, where you will have the opportunity to combine text with other mediums such as audio, video, photography, painting, serigraphic printing, and much more. The point is that your texts and your ideas become visible and available to others. We plan for reciting trips with the literature course during the semester, so that you will gain experience in reciting and performing.

The literature course at Krabbesholm is for everyone regardless of qualifications. Some come here because they wish to challenge themselves, others to qualify themselves in terms of further education at The Writing School, The Art Academy, The Journalist School, or the University. Krabbesholm Højskole publishes each year in collaboration with varying publishing houses books from the Schade series. They are printed at the school, and you, as a student at the literature course, will experience every part of process of creating of a book – including the parts which are usually concealed. You will meet with the author of the book, the editor, and the graphic designer, and you will be able to affect the process leading towards the finished book.

Each fall the students at the literature course arrange a literature festival in collaboration with the other courses. You will be able to take responsibility for the planning of a large event and get in contact with various young writers, visual artists, and musicians.